Mrs. Belt's Cotillion

Class Description

At the beginning of each class students receive a name tag and are asked to learn the names of new students. Parents wearing
name tags greet the students as they enter class and the students introduce themselves with their first and last name and a

Students enter the class with a partner. The gentleman seats the partner and then stands on her left. Each gentleman
brings his partner into the circle to learn a new dance step. He will thank his partner and move on to the girl to his right.
This will happen several times. Then he seats his current partner, and they go as a couple to have punch and cookies. The
gentleman is to ask the lady if she would like punch or water. He will hand her the cup and a napkin so she may pick up her
cookie. They then sit together and visit with their friends. The gentleman takes the empty cups and disposes of them properly.

As they leave class the students are again greeted by the parents. The students are to say “Thank You” or “Good Night”, addressing
them as Mr. or Mrs. “Jones”.

In other classes, the young men learn how to tie a tie. Ladies learn how to sit properly. Ladies are taught to wait for a gentleman
to open the door or pull out her chair.

At Halloween we have a party and play games. In November we work table setting and manners (no elbows on table, etc). At
Christmas the parents are invited to the Studio to watch the first half of class. The second half of class they can dance with
their child. February is the Valentine’s Party, and then the Trophy Dance where we choose the best dance couples.

All classes participate together in the final class at the Meridian Hills Country Club. Parents are invited and have the opportunity to dance
with their child.

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